Screw your family, truck other road users, and swindle your way to a fortune!


Ma Jackson, Owner of Big Mutha Truckers Inc., has announced to her four kids that she's planning on retiring. Choosing the new owner of the company will not be easy, as Ma's kids are a difficult bunch.


The solution? A trail by Truckin' - whoever makes the most money trucking through Hick State Country in 60 days takes control of the company.


Five distinct cities with their own levels of supply and demand, waiting for you to make or lose your millions!


Drive or race to any town on any day, in totally open environments


Bonus Additional gameplay - 24 Arcade levels to truck your mind!


Bikers, Truck Jackers and a corrupt, Police force are out to get you!


Three Redneck brothers and a trailer Trash sister, each with their own customised ring and driving style


Wreck your truck, have your load hi-jacked, end up in jail and still end up owing money to the wrong people!


Big Mutha Trucker 2

SKU: F0011
  • You will be supplied with the incorrect box, the game box and manual are for Big Mutha Truckers 1 not 2


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