Clover's Treat Box has been paw picked by Clover himself, why not share some of Clover's favioute treats with your rabbit.


Clover's Choice Rabbit Treat box contains:


1 x 50g pouch Apple Rings

1 x 50g pouch Barley Rings

1 x 50g pouch Red Clover Flowers

1 x 50g pouch Green Oat

1 x 50g pouch Flower & Herb Salad Mix

1 x 50g pouch Premium Vegetable Medley

1 x 20g pouch Fruit & Berry Mix 


All pouches are heat sealed to ensure longer freshness.


Flower and Herb Salad Mix contains: Parsley Stalks, Nettle, Alfalfa Forage, Marigold Flowers, Red Cornflowers, Spearmint, Premium Dandelion, Raspberry Leaf


Premium Vegetable Medley contains: Sweet Potato, Carrot, Peas, Parsnip, Beetroot, Celery, Cucumber, Courgette, Broccoli


Fruit & Berry Mix contains:  Apple, Apricots, Aronia Berries, Banana, Cranberries, Papaya, Pineapple, Rosehips


The exact product and packaging may vary slightly depending on availability, substitutions will be as close a match as possible.

Clover's Choice - Rabbit Treat Box

SKU: TP024
  • All treats are 100% natural from best quality ingredients from growers all around the world & locally across the UK

  • Some treats may not be suitable for Degus & Chinchillas