Nettle leaves are a great addition to the diet of small animals especially rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles, Nettle leaves are a great supplement to your pet's diet, they are high Vitamin C, B, and K.  Nettle leaves can help detox and improve liver and stomach function.


Nettles can help support urinary functions in assisting with urinary tract and bladder problems, nettles are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties.


Our nettle leaves are free from chemicals and pesticides and can be given straight from the bag.

Sprinkle dried nettle leaves around your pets’ home for added exercise and some boredom busting fun which stimulates their natural foraging instinct.


When offered to tortoises and reptiles the dried nettle leaves can be slightly moistened to aid attraction and release the natural smell of the nettle leaves.


Pouches are heat sealed to help lock in freshness for longer.

Nettle Leaves

  • Whilst nettle leaves are safe for your pet, they may cause a stinging sentation if handle with bare hands, please use gloves or tongs to remove from packet.

    Some treats may not be suitable for Degus & Chinchillas


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